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This is an ultra-sensitive and precise joystick for your iPad /tablet and smartphone. With the Screenstick you have the possibililty to control your favorite games and simulations precisely and accurately! the robust ScreentStick, made of aluminium is attached with two suction pads on the surface on the screen. the soft conductive surface of the control cone fits gently on the scren surface, allowing precise control commands to be transmitted onto the screen.

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precise control

Strong Suction Cups

Carrying Pouch

Light & Durable Alloy

Auto Centering

Immersive Feeling

High Comfort Level

Cool Color Selection

Force Feedback

Simulator Stick – Designed like R/C stick.

This stick is modeled on a RC stick with a height of 30mm and an action cone with an effective diameter of 35mm. This stick is able to provide a highly precise transmission of control commands. Perfect for simulation applications such as flight & heli simulators, vehicles and boats as well as for bluetooth and wifi-controlled models. This simulator stick can be used for any game with an on-screen joystick or d-pad.

Great for R/C flight models, cars, boats, robotics and all kind of
R/C simulations.

Gaming Stick – Fits perfect under your thumb.

This stick provides a perfect way to control your game with your thumb. This product features and ergonomically shaped joystick with a non-slip surface. We minimised the fatigue associated with over-use by using a low design height of 14mm with an action cone that has an effective diameter of 35mm. The stick is great for intense and precise gaming – especially suitable for action games. The gaming stick can be used for any game with an on-screen joystick or d-pad.

Great for action, adventure, jump’n’run, sports, racing and
first person shooter games.


Design and Development

Lots of planning and designing was necessary, with many ideas being rejected and further optimized, in order to make the final product. We tested many different sizes of sticks for different games and simulations. A special material was needed to control sensitive touchscreens.

Who we are

Collaborating with ready2fly.com, the team behind the ScreenStick has many years of experience in the development & production of toys and high quality RC models. Thus the ScreenStick was born!
Our first goal was to invent a high precision RC stick to be used on smartphones and tabldets. Soon we realized that this new joystick would also inspire every gamer.

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