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ScreenStick Developer Guideline

ScreenStick is a physical joystick on your device's display using suction cups to navigate your simulations, games and RC devices.
There are two models: the "SimulatorStick" and the "Gaming Stick":

The "SimulatorStick" is mostly used for Simulations and RC devices giving a feeling of holding a remote control in your hands.
The "GamingStick" is built after a Playstation Joystick. Optimized for playing with your thumb - great for "Jump 'n' Run" and "Action" Games!

 => If you want to support "ScreenStick" in your game, simulator or device and you need more information
      please contact us:

ScreenStick Location

We recommend using an on-screen joystick control that will automatically center itself under the middle of the ScreenStick controller.
That way it is easy to attach the ScreenStick without having the need to allign the ScreenStick over the joystick control symbol.
If you would like to use a fixed position for your joystick control follow our dimensional guidelines shown below.


Gamers will want to know if your app is campatible with ScreenStick.
The best way to indicate compatibility is with the phase:
"ScreenStick compatible. Learn more about ScreenStick at"

Please also use our ScreenStick compatible badge: