Supported Games

Flight Simulators (best to play with SimulatorStick)

   Aerofly 2 / Flight Simulator

  RealFlight Mobile


  Aerofly FS / Flight Simulator

 Absolute RC Sim

PicaSim / Flight Simulator

  Flight Simulator Online 2014

RC Plane 2 / RC Flight Simulator

Absolute RC Heli Sim

  RC Heli 2

RC Helicopter Simulator

  RC AirSim Lite

Leo's RC Simulator

Helidroid 3D / Helicopter R/C

  Electric RC Sim Lite
  Electric RC Sim

  RC Heli 3

Butterfly RC Plane Simulator

Drone Master
Mobile Assault


Games (best to play with GamingStick)


Fast & Furious 6 FIFA 15

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas

Minigore 2 - Zombies

Radiation Island

Space Marshals


Real Racing 3
World Of Tanks Blitz Zombie HQ
Carnivores: Ice Age Pro Air Battle of Britain
No Gravity Off Road Racing
Across Age DX Doomsday II:
Doomsday: Hellraiser HD Karate Champ XL
Dink Smallwood HD Galaxy on Fire 2
Sky Fallen 3D
Aralon: Sword and Shadow Infinity Field
Paper Monsters Rocket Riot
RoboKill Super Mega Worm
Meteor Blitz Otto Matic
Skweek Revisited Dinosaur Hunter Pro
Snake Xing Monster Shooter
Blade of Betrayal HD Bugdom 2
Pirate's Treasure Chrono Trigger


Street Fighter IV
VS. Racing 2 Galaxy On Fire 2
Besides these, there are hundreds of Space Shooter, Dual-Stick Shooter, Jump ‘n’ Run, Beat’m Up, RPG, and FPS titles compatible with ScreenStick!